Everything you need to know about the CPA payment model in mobile advertising:

CPA Advertising (Cost Per Action or CPA Payment Model)

It’s true that the design and production of the app in mind that the number of apps your app can reach is countless, and this puts you in the midst of a tight competition.

To win this competition, you need to distinguish yourself from other competitors. As such, when you develop a mobile app and you plan to market it, minimizing the material and moral costs of attracting users who may install the app and then without installing the smallest value it will be uninstalling whether it’s an unnecessary priority You will become.

So it’s not merely the installation of the app by the user, but the user’s participation after the installation of the program is also important. In order to achieve real success, after the initial installation of the application by the users, their participation will be a condition.

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Learn more about CPA advertising

If you’ve ever dealt with the world of “collaborative marketing” or the “sales collaboration” model, you might also be familiar with Cost Per Action, or “cost for a realistic realization,” and perhaps you’ve even heard how much money the online world has This will be achieved. This is almost the initial vision of many who are new to the CPA category.

But what follows will help you get a better understanding of CPA ads and make it more effective for your business.

The best starting point for understanding each topic is to have a comprehensive and complete definition of it. Depending on the different situations, you may have the same definitions for the CPA model, but the whole subject is included in a definition such as this:

“The CPA model, in other words, cost per action, is a pricing model for mobile advertising campaigns and online advertising for the new user, in which the advertiser puts his real-life fix upon the installation of the software by the user. In other words, the advertiser will only pay for the advertisements to users who, after seeing it and installing the app, will do special work specifically. “

CPA formula or cost per action by dividing the total cost of the advertisement by the number of times that the action is realized:

cpa formula

CPA / cost per user activity; win-win game by all parties

The CPA acts to release advertisers.Frontend publishers and developers will benefit from it as they can earn revenue from any consumer activity. As such, CPA can be considered as one of the most popular online advertising practices and, of course, the most effective ones.

CPA campaigns are especially beneficial to publishers and app developers who have just begun their work and are keen to increase their popularity and visit their app store on the app.

In the CPA model, the advertiser will be able to determine the nature of the action that the user expects to implement after installing the software in coordination with the advertising platform. For example, trial use, free download of a file, purchase of a product or the first use of services such as taxi internet can all be good examples of this.

CPA campaigns are based on specific parameters that act as key performance indicators (KPIs) after installation. Therefore, if the target audience is targeted and proper monitoring and appropriate tools are implemented, it will be possible to attract more loyal and high-quality users, making it much easier to make money than others.

The initial cost of using CPA services is higher than other pre-installation services, but the CLTV value of the customers being attracted is higher because they will interact with your app over time.

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of CPA Advertising Campaigns?

The CPA payment model, known as Cost per Engagement, allows the advertiser to be more confident about the outlay of the cost to pay and see the result of its advertising as a “measurable partnership” from the user.

With these interpretations, the advertiser is not at all risked for his own money, because he knows well beforehand what the cost of his advertising is and how much he will benefit. In fact, measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your CPA campaigns is easy.

CPIs, CPCVs (app install ads), and CPMs are all very valuable for brand awareness, and can bring important messages from the brand, but the proof of how much these features are to convince the user to do a Practice (like buying) is not easy. On the other hand, CPA campaigns help you look at the return on your investment and conversions in a much simpler way.

It can be said that the use of CPA models as part of an integrated strategy will lead to the best conclusion. The mere use of the CPA model has a disadvantage, and it is that the advertiser may lose sight of the key points of his interaction with the client.

Using only cost-sharing models in return for participation and not considering visiting models like CPM advertising as a supplement will cause the advertiser not to know which contact points were involved in shaping the final decision of the user. In other words, the advertiser will ultimately pay for what he wants, but will not be able to follow his customers and increase the audience’s awareness of his brand on a large scale.

As mentioned earlier, the likelihood of a consumer first seeing an ad and doing what he is expected to do is not much. Effective advertising requires multiple advertiser messages to reach the audience at several points of contact.

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What steps should we take in implementing the CPA campaign?

In the world of e-commerce there is no preset edition for having a CPA campaign or good Cost Per Action.Each online business has its own margin, cost and operating costs. The most important factor in framing a desirable CPA campaign is the understanding of the factors that allow businesses to gain an acceptable level of visibility toward their new recruitment costs.

Apart from these, the following factors generally affect the quality of a CPA campaign:

Business Growth:

Is your business at a stage where your margin of profit is in the first, second, or third priority? Are you at the growth stage and have the potential to sacrifice benefits in return for being seen? The exact definition of goals and risks plays a crucial role in determining satisfactory criteria.

The budget:

Marketing budget constraints usually lead to conservatism in advertising costs. If you are confronted with limited advertising costs, you should focus on goals that have high conversion rates. As you grow budget, you can expand your campaign and go for goals with lower conversion rates and higher per-action costs.


Where you spend your advertising costs is largely influenced by the factors that we have given in the “growth rate” factor. Collaborative marketing, CPC advertising campaigns and content marketing each have different expectations and outcomes. For example, content may have a lower conversion rate in the short term, but one of the main drivers for knowing your brand.

Action Definition:

CPA is usually referred to as the cost of attracting customers who are willing to pay. But the same applies to campaigns that are defined as such, with the explanation that one can define the desired action according to the needs and objectives of the business. The optimal procedure is to consider the CPA as a general criterion that connects secondary conversions to the main transformation (monetization).

Follow the statistics and figures

As a general rule in business, monitoring and dominance over meaningful figures can have positive outcomes. You can further increase the quality of your campaigns by following up your campaign key indicators and trying to improve them further.

Getting to know the options available

As an application publisher, you need to know how to advertise your apps and convince a huge number of users to download and install them. There are several options for you.

One of the most effective options for you is to advertise your app into other mobile apps and apps that are similar to the users of your potential users. This method can take various forms based on how ads function and how they pay:

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  • CPM model or Cost Per Mille that, which is the initiator of digital advertising, is an old term and its roots are back to print advertising. CPM is a costing model based on every 1,000 visits, and is designed to create awareness of a great brand or app. In this way, brands pay their advertising costs for the amount of advertising that a mobile advertising platform provides for each ad.
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  • The CPC or Cost Per Click model is another way to focus on ad performance than CPM. In this way, brands pay only if the user clicks on or clicked on their ad. The effectiveness of this form of advertising is that the advertising platform of the presenter also benefits from the correct implementation of the advertiser’s side. In other words, displaying advertisements at a site with the highest probability of user interaction with that ad in favor of the advertising platform and thereby earning more money.
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  • CPI or Cost per Install model is assigned to mobile apps. In a CPI campaign, or “cost per installation,” publishers place their digital ads on a range of media, hoping to boost the number of new installs of the ad-supported app. The advertiser’s brand will pay a certain amount for each installment directly generated by these campaigns.
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  • CPA or Cost per Action model, also known as Pay per Action or PPA, is a pricing model for online and mobile advertising, in which the advertiser only pays for the actual implementation of the action by the user after installing the app. This action is defined according to the advertiser’s need and can cover things such as filling in the form, purchase or order.

Each of these mobile advertising methods can lead to more installation; in fact, the difference is in their cost calculation method. So, when you think of using mobile ads to attract more installers, you need to have a clear understanding of how well your campaign can measure success and cost.

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