Why is Google Advertising?

Nowadays, Google’s ads has become an integral part of many marketing strategies for many businesses, which, by virtue of their specific characteristics, have a significant role in increasing corporate profits. With Google ads, you can be right in front of your potential customers, right when looking for a business like you. On the other hand, with Google, you only spend for the outcome, and nothing else.

Google is where everyone comes to find answers to their questions; what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your ad can be displayed when the user searches for a product or service like what you offer. Whether on a mobile device or on a desktop, advertising can be so timely that it can turn the audience into your actual client.

فروش خود را بالا ببرید
Raise your sales
Make more conversions
روی وبسایت خود ترافیک بگیرید
Get traffic to your website
مطابق با بودجه‌ی خود تبلیغ کنید
Advertise according to your budget
شارژ و مدیریت حساب

Charge and account management

شارژ حساب

Accounts charge

Raykaa Google Ads

Using Rakea’s services, you can charge your account in accordance with your budget and manage your campaigns with us. Ricky Digital Advertising Specialists The process of designing Google campaigns takes you according to the needs and goals and optimizes it for the most effective and cost effective during the campaign.

Google Ads Charge Service Fees

Charge amount250 Lira500 Lira1000 Lira2500 Lira5000 Lira

Includes free account setup

Charge amountPrice
250 Lira734,500
500 Lira1,469,000
1000 Lira2,938,000
2500 Lira7,345,000
5000 Lira14,690,000

Includes free account setup

Google Fees Charge and Manage Account Fees

Charge amount250 Lira500 Lira1000 Lira2500 Lira5000 Lira
Includes free account setup Free SEO advice Accounts charge
Direct access to Google Account Daily optimization of ads Daily activity reporting
Charge amountPrice
250 Lira823,000
500 Lira1,601,000
1000 Lira3,129,000
2500 Lira7,727,000
5000 Lira15,439,000
Includes free account setupFree SEO advice
Accounts chargeDirect access to Google Account
Daily optimization of adsDaily activity reporting

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