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If you have a growing business and are interested in using RaykaAd’s performance-based solutions to achieve your goals, you are considered an “advertiser” and need to click below for more information.

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اگر توسعه‌دهنده هستید یا در فضای اپلیکیشن و وب، جایگاه تبلیغاتی دارید و می‌خواهید از طریق جذب و نمایش تبلیغات به کسب درآمد بپردازید «نمایش ‌دهنده» به حساب می‌آیید.

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cost per install

CPI Advertising

Cost Per Install Campaigns

cost per action

CPA Advertising

Cost Per Action Campaigns


CPC Advertising

Cost Per Click Campaigns

تبلیغات CPM

CPM Advertising

Cost Per Mille Campaigns

تبلیغات در شبکه‌های اجتماعی

Content Marketing

Content Strategy & Creation

تبلیغات Google AdWords

Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing

بازاریابی محتوایی

Social Media Advertising

Telegram & Instagram Advertising

پوش نوتیفیکیشن موبایل

Push Notification Advertising

Push Notification Campaigns


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Some of the greatest stars of RaykaAd’s customer community:

What our clients say about us:

Ali Rasouli – Marketing Manager, Aio Internet TV
Ali Rasoli Testimonial

Due to personal acquaintance, I’ve been familiar with RaykaAd’s services for 6 months now. Among the advertising companies we’ve worked with, RaykaAd’s service has been great. The quality of CPI campaigns & flexibility of the support team are two of their prominent attributes. I recommend using their services to other companies too.

Arash Zolfaghari – Marketing Manager, Ostadkar
آرش ذوالفقاری، مدیر مارکتینگ استادکار

In the short period that I’ve been acquainted with RaykaAd, three mobile advertising campaigns were conducted for “Ostadkar”. I was delighted with RaykaAd’s quality of service among similar companies. I even get advice from them in other fields. From the beginning, the clarity of their pricing was trustworthy and super helpful. I recommend their services to everyone.

Mahmoud Ghanbari – Head of Digital Marketing, 5040

I’ve been familiar with RaykaAd for a long time; they have had a creative and professional team since the early days. With RaykaAd, various types of in-app advertising are within reach. Professional support is another advantage of RaykaAd. I wish them endless success.

Pouria Hamzehlouei – Head of Marketing, Alopeyk
پوریا حمزه‌لویی – مدیر بازاریابی الوپیک

Working with a supportive and professional advertising company is on the wish list of every business. Working with RaykaAd’s professional team is a great opportunity for someone as busy as me.

Pouria Owladzad – Marketing Consultant
پوریا اولادزاد – مشاور بازاریابی

As a digital marketing consultant with as much as 50 well-known clients, cooperation with digital media has been crucial to me. In the ongoing digital media hype, RaykaAd has been a professional and caring partner for my clients and me. I hope they keep helping me with their creative analysis and solutions in the future.