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Pouria Owladzad – Marketing Consultant

پوریا اولادزاد – مشاور بازاریابی

As a digital marketing consultant with as much as 50 well-known clients, cooperation with digital media has been crucial to me. In the ongoing digital media hype, RaykaAd has been a professional and caring partner for my clients and me. I hope they keep helping me with their creative analysis and solutions in the future.


Pouria Hamzehlouei – Head of Marketing, Alopeyk

پوریا حمزه‌لویی – مدیر بازاریابی الوپیک

Working with a supportive and professional advertising company is on the wish list of every business. Working with RaykaAd’s professional team is a great opportunity for someone as busy as me.

Arash Zolfaghari – Marketing Manager, Ostadkar

آرش ذوالفقاری، مدیر مارکتینگ استادکار

In the short period that I’ve been acquainted with RaykaAd, three mobile advertising campaigns were conducted for “Ostadkar”. I was delighted with RaykaAd’s quality of service among similar companies. I even get advice from them in other fields. From the beginning, the clarity of their pricing was trustworthy and super helpful. I recommend their services to everyone.

Ali Rasouli – Marketing Manager, Aio Internet TV

Ali Rasoli Testimonial

Due to personal acquaintance, I’ve been familiar with RaykaAd’s services for 6 months now. Among the advertising companies we’ve worked with, RaykaAd’s service has been great. The quality of CPI campaigns & flexibility of the support team are two of their prominent attributes. I recommend using their services to other companies too.

Shahbaz Ya’ghoubi – Developer, Ja’be Abzar (Publisher)


We have worked with Rayka for a year and a half now. Working with major brands, honesty and reliability are among Rayka’s most important attributes. I definitely recommend Rayka, because displaying their ads will benefit publishers; just like it did for us.

MohammadAli Ta’ebi – Head of Digital Marketing, ManaPay

محمدعلی طائبی

Our friends in Snapp recommended RaykaAd to us; and we started using their platform in May 2018. Rayka team is pretty flexible and is capable of fulfilling our goals. I have and will recommend their services to others.

Parham Shokouhi – CEO, Atlas Ertebat Raman

We got acquainted with Rayka through their website. After further negotiations, we started our campaign & would like to receive more from Rayka. Service stability, proper handling, discipline, and regular follow-up of the team convinces me to recommend Rayka to those who are looking for these traits.